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Wondering how to make a website?

In our generation most of our life is online, we shop online , manage our bank account online,

order online, study online and even nowadays part of our social life is online.

At some point in our life we think of making a website , it could be for showing of our work, selling our goods or starting a business of any kind, making a website can be hard to do and expensive.

We made this website to show you how easy it could be to make your own website if you use the right tools, we will check out some easy methods of website making ,see some nifty tips and learn how to use a web application builder.  

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 Website making

Tips on finding the best Website Maker 


When choosing your website maker always try to see what your needs are, are you looking for a website maker that is on-line? are you looking for your website maker to be responsive so you website would fit all devices? are you looking for an easy platform or a professional? maybe a combination of both?


Always make sure you provider has a proper support system, do they have a help area if you get stuck? do they offer support for personal problems? make sure you have all you need to get started.


Today most of our internet accesses is from mobile phones and tablets, not all website makers offer the conversion simply, some even take money for the processes and some give it free and simple, find out which system has the best responsivity.


In the world of today its all about the first look, the first few seconds are the most important, you need to choose a website maker that will give you the tools to go ahead and make a beautiful site that will attract everyone's eye in seconds. 


Try out the system, is it drag and drop? is it easy to use? dose it give you a simple preview on your progress? can you simply publish you site out to web?


If you want your site to be popular, you need to promote it, the best way to do so is by SEO ("Search engine optimization") , you need to make sure that your website builder has a proper SEO layout so you can add you additional information.

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